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Welcome to BH Cards

BH Calling cards offer great international calling rates.

Here are some other advantages of our calling cards:

No PIN Number to USE. At this point we are offering ANI product. ANI stands for Automatic Number Identification. 
ANI is a prepaid actual pin number that the customer is getting, but will not have to dial the pin number from the phones that are set up to be recognized by our switch.  However the same pin can be used from any phone, but would require entering the pin number. Dollar Phone offers to set up this ANI for Twelve (12) different phone numbers.

RECHARGE Your PIN. Another advantage this product has is that itís a rechargeable pin; this allows the consumer to have the same pin at all times.

It can also be set that it shall be recharged automatically or notify your agent when it reaches a low balance.  All you have to tell us is by what amount it should recharge and by how much money.

Local Access Numbers  Throughout the USA & Canada

International Access Numbers -  We also have International Access Numbers in many other Countries.

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To purchase, call us at 718-438-1333

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